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A review by discerningMusic:

Then Sings My Soul (special edition) by Robert J. Morgan

If you were ever curious to know the inspiration or history behind some of your favorite hyms, the newest edition of Robert J. Morgan’s Then Sings My Soul series would make an excellent addition to your library. Reflective meditations tell the dramatic and poignant stories behind the writing of the songs and include words and music for each entry.

This beautiful French flap ivory paper jagged edged paperback book contains 150 Christmas, Easter, and all-time favorite hymns (words and music) and their stories. The Contents page is divided into 5 categories: Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Patriotic, and Other Favorites. The Index in the back of the book is as equally conveniently divided into 3 indices: Alphabetical by Title, Alphabetical by Author/Songwriter, and First Line of Hymn.

Then Sings My Soul is an excellent resource for Sunday School/Music teachers, song leaders or music ministers or for personal devotions. I have been blessed, challenged, surprised and moved by the stories behind these hymns. While I have not read every story yet (I try to read one per day) my life and Faith are richer because of this book. Heartily recommended, you may purchase this book from publisher Thomas Nelson on Amazon or other various online retailers.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free 
from the publisher through the BookSneeze.com 
<http://BookSneeze.com> book review bloggers program. I was 
not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have 
expressed are my own.~ discerningMusic



DVD – Music, Might & Manipulation

This DVD is an eye-opener for those who aren’t already aware of the the power of Satan’s music. You may order directly from Believer’s Christian Fellowship of Lima, Ohio by clicking the link above.



Music, Might & Manipulation
Marcus Becker

By popular request, this message has been converted to DVD.

Using extensive video footage, Brother Marcus Becker, from Germany, shows us      that Satan has a defined agenda to destroy Christianity, and that rock music is not  just an expression of rebellion, but a vehicle through which Satan’s message is  preached.

This eye opening DVD reminds us that we are in a spiritual war, and it encourages us  to be more diligent and careful of what we allow in our homes.

Format: DVD+R DL
Run time: 2hrs 30mins



A former Worship leader tells his story why he left the Contemporary Christian Music Movement.

Dedication by Dan Lucarini

This book is dedicated to the authors, pastors, music ministers and others who
came before me. They never ceased to warn us about the dangers of rock music
to a Christian; but we did not take heed. They had the courage to confront others
in the church who defended every controversial and sensual music style; but in
return we heaped scorn upon them. When they dared to oppose the contemporary
music invasion into the church service itself, we called them legalists and worse.
Many have sacrificed popularity and seen their ministry opportunities limited,
because their consciences dictated they must take a stand.
Music has often been a “hot potato” in the life of the Christian church, and the subject  may never have  been more controversial than duringthe past fifty years. At one end of  the spectrum, there are those who tell us that the only words that should be sung in the  church are those forming the Old Testament Psalms — and that they should be sung  without any musical accompaniment. At the other end, there are those who say that  any kind of music — rock, pop, jazz, punk, country and western, rap, or whatever ‘turns  people on’ is perfectly legitimate for use in worshipand evangelism. Dan Lucarini never  approached the first of these extremes, but he came within touching distance of the  second, and it is from his deeply involved experience of the modern music scene,  secular and otherwise, that this book is written. The author’s honest sharing of his own  spiritual and musical journey prepares the way for his assessment of what he sees to be a major problem in today’s church — and makes it more difficult to deny that he in on to something. This book will undoubtedly raise many hackles, but Lucarini’s direct and uncompromising style is harnessed to a gracious spirit concerned with nothing else but God’s glory. This is nowhere more evident than in his warm and wise treatment of the subject of worship and ministry. John Calvin once wrote, “We know by experience that music has a secret and almost incredible power to move hearts.” The reformer was right — and we should therefore give its use in the life of the church serious and God-centered attention. I pray that this book will help us to do so. –John Blanchard


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