Encouraging a higher standard for Christian music


God wants to be edified Himself. And we’re to not seek self-edification, but to edify God with all we do. So if you see a person with a great gift, trying to do something to glorify themselves, your own discernment of the spirit tells you that’s wrong.~ William Branham

This site is an endeavor to bring biblically based reflection and thoughtful discussion about music in our churches today. Musings, reflections, thoughts, articles and ideas relevant to music and its influence in Message Churches will be one focus. Articles, quotes, and other published materials pertaining to music, and more specifically, how it relates to churches and the affecting influences will be posted here. The content of this blog (as is the case with most blogs) is my personal opinion based on my understanding of Scripture and the Message of The Hour as brought by William Marrion Branham. Questions and suggestions are welcome. If you have books or articles to share, you may forward them via email. Please sign up to receive email notification of new posts.

Your brother in Christ,


You can offer your ideas to others as bullets or as seeds.
You can shoot them, or sow them;
hit people in the head with them, or plant them in their hearts.
Ideas used as bullets, will kill inspiration and neutralize motivation.
Used as seeds, they take root, grow, and become reality in the life in which they are planted.
The only risk in the seed approach:
Once it grows and becomes part of those in whom it’s planted,
you probably will get no credit for originating the idea.
But if you’re willing to do without the credit…you’ll reap the harvest.
By Richard C. Halverson (Chaplain to the US Senate)

You cannot choose your battlefield,
God does that for you;
But you can plant a standard
Where a standard never flew.
— Stephen Crane (1871-1900) US writer

Isaiah 59:19

So Shall they fear the name of the Lord

from the west,

and his glory from the rising of the sun.

When the enemy shall come in like a flood,

the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.


Comments on: "About" (8)

  1. Prisca Amisi said:

    May God richly bless you for the teachings on music

  2. Sarah Friesen said:

    I don’t have your email address on my phone but I was wondering if you could help me?
    I have had this “blurb” of a song in my playlist for a while and I would like to find the rest of it. Can you please help me brother Billy?

    Drug through the streets, 
    Thrown at His feet,
    A woman, 
    her head hung in shame.
    They said, 
    “We have caught her,
    And now we have brought her, 
    You tell us 
    what shall be done?”

    Well He looked around, 
    then He knelt down,
    and in the sand 
    He wrote and they read.
    And when He arose, 
    He said, “Where are those? who accused you,
    it seems they have fled.”

    Bearing the shame,
    Suffering such pain, 
    By the side of Jesus 
    he hung,
    he’s  wasted his …..

  3. I suppose I could do an internet search, but just what is a “message church?” I’ve never heard of them before, but I definately like what you’re saying.
    The bullet vs. seed analogy is really good, too.

  4. Lois Danquah said:

    Hello about the article Sound and the Unsound, since i do not want to misinterpret anything so when the author was speaking about negro spirituals in pages 20-21, was he/she saying that it is a product of music that had to do with witch craft? because Brother Branham sang some of the songs that were considered to be negro spirituals, or at at recognized them. For instance old ship of zion is a spiritual, swing low sweet chariot is another, i can list a few more. Also, with the way he/she was talking about Thomas Dorsey, in page 23 was he/she saying that we should not listen to his compositions since they were a product of the blues? Please allow me to have a clear understanding of the text written. Thank you.

    Stay blessed.

    Sis Lois

    • Lois Danquah said:

      sorry i meant to say at least recognized the songs

    • Lois Danquah said:

      oops i think i placed this comment on the wrong forum. please forgive me. i am a few hours old n this website 🙂 meaning i signed up for it a few hours ago.

      God bless

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