Encouraging a higher standard for Christian music

“As so many times before, after taking a peek into contemporary Christian music, I am walking away dismayed.”

Yes, me too.


I recently saw that Christian singer “Toby Mac” has released a single that has made it all the way to the #1 spot in the secular charts with the song “Eye On It”.  Naturally, that made me curious as to what a Christian singer might be singing about that would resonate so well with the lost.  After all, Scripture tells us that we will be persecuted for our faith, that all men will hate us and revile us.  We are told that those in the dark can’t comprehend the light and that we will be hated by the world in the same way the world hated Christ first.  So knowing these things, I couldn’t imagine how a singer might glorify God, sing praises of His power and deeds and at the same time strike a common chord with the lost.

So I looked up the lyrics and (*sigh*) found out…

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