Encouraging a higher standard for Christian music

The following list has been slightly adapted for singers and musicians. It was an original post by Brian Croft, on how should a pastor respond when he is complimented about his sermon. I adapted it for singers and musicians. If you are a singer or musician, how do you respond to compliments?

How should a singer or musician respond when complimented about their song or talent?

“Great job…good song…that really touched me.” The list of phrases one may hear from church members

goes on. Inevitably, whether the song was good or not, these quick comments will be spoken

to us with varying levels of sincerity and it is important that we know how to respond in a God-honoring way.

Here are 4 suggestions:

1) Say Thank You. It is sad when a musician or singer tries to wear a false humility to hide either his insecurities or

inability to know how to receive a kind word. It usually shows up in the response after a kind,

encouraging comment in this way, “Uh…no it wasn’t that good. I missed it here, stumbled over my words

here…” Just stop it and say “thank you for your kind words.”

2) Be grateful for the encouragement. Regardless the comment, if it was meant to encourage you, thank

them for their encouraging words. Be grateful that however small, simple, or even shallow the

comment, someone took the time to share their thoughts with you. Be grateful and receive it that way.

3) Be Humble that the Lord would dare use you. What should humble us more than a hearer taking time to

encourage us about our song, is the fact that God would choose to use broken vessels like us! That should amaze us with every kind word extended to us. When it ceases to amaze us, then we should start worrying.

4) Give God all the Glory. The great temptation when complimented about a song or musical talent or skill is to think the fruit of our labors ultimately is about us and because of us. When a kind word is extended to us about our singing,

make sure God is credited and praised. Not superficially, but sincerely. We can give God glory with our lips in

response, but inside be welling up with pride.

In light of these suggestions, here are a few ways I think it is appropriate to respond to a kind word extended to

us after a song:

“Thank you for your kind words, isn’t God good the way he speaks to each of us through hymns and singing.”

“Thank you for your encouragement, I am grateful to God he used the words of that song in that way.”

“I am grateful you took the time to share the way this song has affected you. This song effected me in

similar ways. God is so gracious.”

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