Encouraging a higher standard for Christian music


C H A P T E R  N I N E


“Do you realize that there are really only two powers in all the universe? All of our differences between nations and differences between each other and all the rest of the little minor things are connected with one or the other of those powers. And those powers are God’s power and Satan’s power –the power of life and the power of death. Satan’s power is only a perversion of God’s power.  Death is only a perversion of life; a lie is only the truth mis-told; adultery is a righteous act misused. Everything Satan has is something that was perverted, but it’s a power.” 54

Man’s first approach to God through specific conduct and ritual was in the substitutional offerings of Cain and Abel. Cain sought to breach the gap between the known and the unknown worlds and to petition the spiritual realm through beauty and the physical senses. Abel offered a blood sacrifice as atonement for his sins. God accepted one, and rejected the other, for only one was made by revelation, and the other was a carnal (perverted) impersonation.

Since God is, by very definition, unchangeable, we can, on the basis of both His character and His past performance, have complete confidence in what He will do in the future. Although man continues to make offerings based on aesthetic principles, the precepts of God can never change. “Years ago we used to find the people in deep sincerity and worship. And today, it has become a big glamour of Hollywood, just some kind of trained music. Women are up on the platform with their clothes tight enough that their skin is on the outside, almost, and dancing around the platform. There is no sincerity, making it just an outright ridiculous shame, while professing Christianity. I wonder if our offerings haven’t become a kind of stench in His nostrils again?”55

Does that mean that as believers, we should restrict the music we hear and perform to only the old, classic hymns in order to avoid the negative message of unsound music? Absolutely  not.  One style of music will never please everyone,  however  there are objective principles that are based on truth and not on taste by which we can judge what we listen to: Rhythm, lyrics, and lifestyles.

–          In the jungle regions of the world there is a form of communication that is called ‘talking drums,’ and by beating out certain rhythms, messages are sent back and forth between the villages. The music which Satan has perverted for his own use performs that same role in our society, as “ …they call in the spirit by the rhythm of the music.”56 You must learn to identify the rhythm of rock, so that before you pick up the telephone, you know whose number you will be dialing!

–          Listen carefully to what the lyrics are saying. Are there unscriptural doctrines being taught? Is immorality being subtly endorsed? Is the message one of holiness, or is New Age love and peace being promoted?  “Cease, my son, to hear the instruction that causeth to err from the words of knowledge.”Proverbs 19:27

–          In Matthew 12:34, Jesus said, “… for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.” Music (augmented speech) is an extension of the personality and the beliefs of the composer and the performer. Today, we must choose carefully who will minister to us in song. Do you recall the passages you read earlier from I Samuel, describing how David played music and the evil spirits that tormented Saul departed? Think about it. Saul was King of Israel, and you can be sure there were many, many skilled musicians in his court. Why did he need David?  Because “the Lord was with David.”  David’s music bore witness of the Lord’s presence in his life, and it disturbed the evil spirits so much that they left Saul!

If evil spirits can be exorcised through a musical performance by a Godly person, then isn’t it reasonable to conclude that evil spirits can be summoned through the music of an ungodly person?  Make sure that your favorite artist isn’t bringing uninvited guests into your home, your car, or your church.

Never before in the history of mankind has the whole world tuned-in to a single form of communication as it has with today’s rock music. And over and over again, rock has proven itself to be the enemy of Christ, and one of the most effective instruments by which the Devil gains control over the lives of people and drags them into spiritual wickedness.57 “And the spirit [of rock’n’roll] is not only in America. It has spread itself out over the world, to bring them [all people] to the battle of Armageddon.”58

There are two sides in this battle. There is no neutral ground. Which side are you on?


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