Encouraging a higher standard for Christian music

DiscerningMusic is linking this article as food for thought. The direction of the church today is one reason music and more importantly true worship has degraded to such a sad state. While the author of this article might not be in total agreement or have revelation of the truth of the message of the hour, he nevertheless makes some thought-provoking points. It is time for Christians to Mature in the Presence of the Son.

No longer is the world ashamed of, or threatened by, the church. We have adopted their ways as superior to our own. We entertain like them, teach like them, party like them, celebrate like them, gyrate like them, dress like them, sing like them. We even use their shows and books to, supposedly, teach “deep, life-changing spiritual truths” (as opposed to the “Truth that sets you free”). This is not the true church of Christ. What often passes as the church in contemporary society is the devil himself in disguise: an angel of light offering us a better way, a new enlightened way, a way leading us straight into the jaws of hell itself.


As Martin Luther brought about a reformation that has resonated through the centuries, when he, sickened by what he saw in the church of his day, took a stand for Truth, so we, too, must take a stand for Truth in our day. We are out of options. God’s church will prevail. Christ promised that the gates of hell themselves will not be able to stop it. It isn’t God’s true church that lies in such a low-estate; however, His people are, at times, mixed into it. We must seek them out and bring them out. We must go into the “churches” and teach the Truth of God’s Word.

God’s people must once again boldly take a stand for the Truth of His Word. As in Luther’s day, armed with fervent, effective prayer, guided by the Father, fueled by love for the One Who died for us, and directed by the Holy Spirit of God, God’s people must go forth towards a new Reformation that guides His people back to Him. Christ’s Truth and His church will prevail and we, by the grace of God, can have a part in it.

Click HERE to read the entire article.


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