Encouraging a higher standard for Christian music

We’ve got a bookshop around there. It’s quite a popular bible bookshop. They sell all these videos – music videos. You know brothers and sisters, everything today is super-duper; the music is super-duper, the singing is super-duper, the praise and the worship super-duper. You know it’s not like real simple. You’ve got those videos, and sometimes we try to pattern after that. Don’t pattern after those things! We must have spontaneous worship, because of the revelation, because of what God has done in your life, because of His saving Grace. We should praise Him – spontaneous worship. Not something we have to work up. You watch these people… well sometimes they try to imitate them. There they’re standing, hands raised to the heavens, tears running down their eyes, singing like you never heard. Praising the lord, praising the lord, praising Jesus. I love you Jesus … short skirts, pants, lipstick, cut-off hair. You want to tell me they are not sincere. They are sincere. They love Him just like you love Him. Emotionally they love Him just the same. We’ve got emotions, we love Him. Don’t you love Him? Hallelujah! Well they love Him just the same. What is the difference then? What is the difference? We love the Word! We don’t serve an imaginary God. We love The living Jesus Christ. He’s living in me. Hallelujah! And we say we love you Lord. We love you!
~ Rev. Ivan Reynolds from near Cape Town South Africa
taken from his sermon “The Trumpet Voice of God”

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